Fields of Law

In our law office two lawyers and specialised personnel provides advice for all fields of law.

The following law areas represent only a small extract from our activities.

Mr Oedekoven has an emphasis on the areas of administrative and public law (aliens law, asylum law, building law, law of data protection, law of higher education, school law, law of civil service, environmental law, …) as well as international civil law. He also accepts penologic mandate.

Mrs Rabe emphasises the areas of civil law (inheritance law, family law, recovery of debts, law of tenancy, travel law, …), employment law, insolvency and tendance law.

The office is an outpost of Mieterbeistand e.V. (rentee assistance) and offers in this context free consultation for members.

To solve conflicts the law office is member of Mediationsgruppe Rhein-Main (mediation group) in which there is interdisciplinary cooperation with other mediators.

Mr Oedekoven is mediator for the Gütestelle der Rechtsanwaltskammer Frankfurt am Main.

For the areas of pension plans we offer health care proxies, care ordinances as well as advice for managing the heritage (conflict-free inheritance by extensive formation of the last will / dispositions by will).

In case of illness and nurse care we gladly check (in cooperation with Mrs Heike Anstötz) the classification in the nursing care insurance and enter an objection or lodge an appeal in front of the social welfare court if necessary.

In the area of insolvency Mr Oedekoven is registered as receiver in insolvency at the  beim district courts of Frankfurt and Mainz. Beyond this, for all areas we appear for you within the scope of personal and corporation insolvency.

Together with companies we examine business procedures from a legal point of view. In doing so we build a claim management and check the contracts for their legal and commercial efficacy.

In the field of family law we look for solutions to solve your conflict mutually. Therefore we offer on one side mediational proceedings for the separation in which the divorce is prepared. On the other side we can also help you to put legal clauses into action (eg. alimony, management of visiting children and so on).

Rechtsanwaltskanzlei Georg HM Oedekoven • Telefon: +49-0611-9006777